Greetings! I am Ren Adams, and I’m the keeper of this little Taoism shrine. Read on to learn a little more about me.

I’m a professional visual artist, writer, teacher, and editor living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I offer courses through the University of New Mexico, as well as through my own downtown art studio.

Since titles matter in the illusionary world, I would consider myself a “Taoist,” and a lifelong student of Taoism, Eastern Philosophy, Chinese history, mythology, anthropology, and the arts of Asia. I am always happy to share what I’ve discovered on my journey–and to learn, in turn, from those around me.

I also practice Chinese brush painting (calligraphy) as part of my spiritual path, using liquid, and hand-ground inks on traditional rice papers. Painting practices the art of the path…

The Purpose of this Blog

This blog is intended to be a companion site, and centralized clearinghouse of information for those taking my Tao and Zen course through UNM. It is also designed for those interested in Taoism, as well as Taoists in New Mexico, who enjoy reading and connecting with other local Taoists (or those interested in all Eastern philosophies and religions).